2015 Summer Newsletter

By January 25, 2017General News

Welcome to the Summer Edition of Illawarra Strata Management’s quarterly newsletter. 


Did you know we have our own page and regularly update it with interesting information on case law…or most recently, some fact sheets about the Changes in LEGISLATION?

Why not like our Facebook page and be kept up to date with current strata legislation and other information.

As part of the legislative changes, we have already begun comprehensive retraining of all staff. Our office policy is to pass on the educational benefits, therefore, the changes that we learn, will be passed on to our valued clients. We believe that knowledge is power, and we want you gain a greater understanding of the strata world, which will ultimately mean that together, we can work more efficiently in the management of your building.

Finally, there are some thing to remember for the upcoming holiday season, which extends into the January 2016 school holidays. Most builders tend to close down for a good portion of December and January, which does make finalising work challenging. Please keep this in mind during the summer season and make allowances for manufacturing delays. We hope that all our clients and their families stay safe over the summer season.

Owner Portal

We have recently upgraded our Owner Portal which is accessible via our website www.illawarrastrata.com.au

Previously lot owners have only been able to gain access to basic information that relates to their individual lots, levies and personal information.

We have recently upgraded our system to allow for posting of Minutes, Agendas, By Laws, Insurance documents and other “non private” information to the portal for easy access by you.

Please note that this is a work in progress and it will take quite some time to get your historical data onto the portal.

Every owner has been provided with an access code and password quite some time back or in your welcome pack if you are a new owner. Please use these unique passwords to gain access to the portal & have a look around.

In terms of additional documents such as Minutes etc, we expect that to be fully up and running by Christmas 2015.  If you’d like something specific posted to the portal, please contact our office and we’ll arrange to have it posted (subject to privacy laws)


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