2017 Winter Newsletter

By June 1, 2017General News

Welcome to the 2017 Winter edition of Illawarra Strata Management’s quarterly news-letter.

The compulsory By Law review is well underway for most of our clients. Whilst a good portion of our clients are taking this task seriously and seeing it as a great opportunity for change, others are not giving it the time it deserves.

Your by laws are your “laws”. It represents the minimum standard for acceptable behaviour within your scheme. It is the set of rules that are registered on your Title Deeds and will be the basis for any disciplinary procedures going forward. If you do not have a good set of by laws that are fair and just and not discriminatory, then holding someone accountable for any breach will be difficult.

We strongly urge all of our clients to take this as a great opportunity to encourage positive changes to any by laws that are archaic or simply unmanageable. Positive Changes are always a good thing.


The Owner’s Portal

So often we hear owners asking about the Owner’s Portal with a good portion of clients indicating that they’ve never used it, or simply don’t know it exists.

Owner access codes and passwords are reset every year immediately after the AGM. At this time, owners should take the time to log in to check personal details, obtain copies of Minutes, Plans, insurance documents and the like.

We can even review the use of the Portal and print a report as to who uses the system and what they access. It’s an interesting report for committee’s to see what documents are most popular for owners to access. The highest usage of the portal for April, was an owner in Equinox showing 26 views. That’s fantastic use of that resource.


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