Illawarra Strata Management has a highly experienced and qualified management team, who would be looking after your strata scheme. We have had many years experience in managing residential, commercial and industrial strata schemes, some of which involve easements for shared facilities. A key part of our management style is to be proactive in helping the Executive Committee fulfill their obligations under the Act.

Strata Reports

Pre-purchase strata inspection reports are highly recommended if you are intending to purchase a strata title property. We inspect Owners Corporation’s books and records for any relevant information that a potential purchaser would want to know including, insurances, trust fund balances, strata roll details, insurance claims, building repairs, behaviour problems, structural problems and much, much more. We treat our clients as if they are family and list everything that a reasonable person would want to know. Our reports are comprehensive, yet easy to read and come with a very low price tag of $275.00 plus inspection fees charged by the holder of the records.