Strata Management Packages

As a leading strata management company, we have developed high level trusted relationships with clients. Our services are varied and can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

With experience spanning 20+ years, we have the knowledge and experience to assist in preparing your property’s Annual Budget and Annual Financial Reports as well as provide advice on an effective communication and management procedures.

Our team can also assist you with reviewing By Laws and keep you up to date with legislative changes and current market trends for Owners Corporations.

Comprehensive management services to strata lot owners in residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use schemes

We provide comprehensive management services to clients in several regions, with a heavy focus on the Illawarra, and a growing focus on the Shoalhaven and Eurobodalla. From residential to commercial, industrial to mixed use schemes, our team is trained to handle everything that is strata and community related.

You will experience professional and impartial advice on operational issues such as meetings, common property repairs, management committees and other decision-making bodies.

Expertise in reviewing and updating Annual Statement, preparing budgets and financial reports

Our team of professionals is trained to provide advice on preparation of Annual Budget as well as providing opinion, reviews and presenting the Annual Financial Statements. In addition to budget preparation, we also provide you with a copy of your Annual Financial Disclosure Statement which is prepared in compliance with the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (SSM Act).

Creation and maintenance of management committee or strata committee

We can assist you with the appointment of a building manager and provide advice on how to create and maintain successful Strata Committees. We offer all new committees or individual members a free information session so they can better understand their new role as a committee member and set expectations early.

Property maintenance services

We will manage the common property repairs for the Owner’s Corporation in addition to providing advice and management services for the larger scale maintenance projects.

Property Valuation Services

We engage someone and provide factual advice or arrange meetings with insurance experts to ensure your needs are covered.

Legal Advice

We work with legal experts in relation to preparation of by laws, suggestion of amendments and lodgements and also alert committees to current trends with by laws. We also assist clients with other matters such as review of Building Management Committee Strata Management Statements or Strata Committee procedures and policies.

View our Strata Management Packages below.

Management Fee Plus Disbursements

This is the traditional model where management fees are quoted on a “$$ amount per lot” basis and there are separate fees for disbursements. This package includes the agreed services at a contracted rate, plus disbursements as noted in Schedules A, B, C and D of the Contract.

The Quoted Management fee includes: levy distribution, work orders, general advice, preparation of the annual budget and annual financial statements and more.

Comprehensive Inclusive Fee

This management pack is for clients who prefer to see “one monthly fee” instead of a line item for each disbursement. The single monthly fee includes the following:

Management Fee, Creditor payments, Document Management Solution (owner’s portal access), up to two standard insurance claims per annum, one AGM for one hour held electronically during business hours, SMS fees, fixed disbursements, black & white copying, postage, emails, phone calls, work orders, investment management (two per scheme).  This package can be provided after analysis of existing financial documents.

Note: Excludes Schedule B Fees & Fire Compliance tasks.

The Essentials

This package applies for schemes with a maximum of 6 lots. It is tailored for the more budget conscious and for schemes who are looking for financial management options with the committee taking a hands-on approach to repairs & maintenance.

Management fees are quoted at a lower rate, as are fixed disbursement on a per month basis, but notes the following:

Includes: owner Portal Access, levy distribution, AGM electronically held for one hour on a weekday morning, quarterly financial reports, six monthly compliance check / file review instead of monthly.

Excludes: work orders, insurance claims and by law compliance. Fixed Disbursements charged at 50% standard rate assuming 80% of owners communicate via email.

Conditions: minimum 2-year contract.

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